Was there a historical Jesus?


Every religion claims that there Gods are living ones and at some point in time they lived here on earth? But more than any other religion, Christianity says their god lived here on earth and their story is not mythology at the same time claiming that gods of other religions are mythology and are only stories. So did Jesus really lived here on earth? Is its story a true one while all the others false?
In my previous posts, I explained why there are no gods. As there are no gods, there are no miracles either but only that which is attributed to be miracles because people want to keep the mystery or have no inclination to investigate the story. [That is why we have many miracle workers though none of them stand for scientific scrutiny.]
So if we remove all the miracles and make Jesus a human who lived sometime in the past and whether the story is true we reach two conclusions, 1) Either Jesus was an entirely mythical character just like any of the gods of other religions or 2) he was a genuine person to who later miracles were attributed. So which is which?

So the most important question, what do we know about Jesus?
The truth is we do not know anything about Jesus and all the gospel stories are written like myths.
So if we remove the magical elements and consider it as the story of a human being what do we get?
A preacher in Judah who preached religious reform who "healed" and "performed miracles" who sped venom against his detractors by calling them son of vipers.
So do we know about anybody who does that?  Yes almost all the preachers and psychics do that. That means Jesus also is a charlatan who is like a modern day preacher who is out their to deceive people. But judging from his character he may not be out there to deceive. So he might be a self deluded preacher who really believed what he preached. So let us consider him as a preacher just like the ones of modern times.
Was he famous? He should be otherwise how do we know about him? And according to the bible thousands followed him. But we have no records of him outside of Christianity and the records of Christianity itself is self contradictory.
Do if we assume Jesus was a historical figure, who was he? When did he live?
I will ask another question that make the absurdity of this question more clear. Shall we assume Zeus as a historical figure?

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