Monday, September 30, 2013

On the evolution of Jesus

“If oxen and horses and lions had hands and were able to draw with their hands and do the same things as men, horses would draw the shapes of gods to look like horses and oxen would draw them to look like oxen, and each would make the gods bodies have the same shape as they themselves had - Xenophanes.
Jesus as a historical person never lived. The myth may have originated from a local preacher but more probable is that it was a mixture of all myths mixed up with Jewish myths of that time along with some genuine characters. For there are recorded reliable data for little known personalities like Jesus ben Pandira, Jesus des demneus and all, but surprisingly little for a man being followed by multitudes, who performed miracles and even resurrected two(including one roman).What we have is, only the gospel accounts. But none of the gospel accounts are eye witness accounts. Even none is written during or near the supposed life time of Jesus. None of the gospels were written by Jesus’ disciples. Even only two carry the disciples’ name. And the first gospel is supposed by mark who heard from peter yet describes details when peter was never with Jesus (guess BBC and CNN started then). Then again all gospels differ in the crucial details of death and resurrection of Jesus. Why?
Then Christ was supposed to be from Nazareth a town that was built only after 2nd century CE. Then again, that was a misquote, the word is Nazarene-one with long hair.
Then how can we believe that Augustus Caesar "the emperor of Rome" was interested in the genealogy of a petty Jewish carpenter to ask him to go to the town of David (it was fortunate that he was David's lineage otherwise how would he know who his great great grandfather was and were he lived?). Again gospels agree that Joseph was of David's lineage but still can't agree who his grand father was. Surprising!
Jesus was the son of god omniscient but still didn't know epilepsy was not caused by demons (if he knew and didn't say it then he was dishonest and wanted exorcism to continue or he didn't know)
After how long Jesus was supposed to rise from the dead. Three days and three nights, well dyeing on Friday late night and getting up on Sunday early morning constitute 3 days and night?
What happened to natural phenomenon like earthquakes that occurred during his death? Why nobody else noticed it?
Lastly he preached and preached that the end is going to be near but alas! After 2000 years we are still here.
Oh forgot testaments by non Christians....testimonium flavinum. But wait even josephs antiquities of Jews came only by CE 70 and not before. And for some Jew who says Jesus as Christ surprisingly he remained a Jew till death. Again there are obvious reasons to say the two mention of Christ were later interpolations by devote Christians.
Again Josephus who delighted in describing the cruelties of Herod never noticed him killing those innocent children after Mr. Jesus birth???
The fact remains no contemporary historians ever noticed the miracle working, prolific speaker Jew.
And the apostles - how many were there? What happened to each of them? How many deaths each have died and how many tombs each one has got? May be as they too are miracle makers they could die three or four times!!
Forget about all that, but think about what Christianity says. Aren't they making fun of the one whom they call god like this?

And haven't you noticed how jesus evolved? Jesus was a Jew so probably might have looked like this,

But he evolved didn't he? He now looks like an Italian, see.

Just kidding, this is not Jesus but a medieval Italian, Cesare Borgia, but look how closely Jesus resembles him,

Finally it all come to that whether it is Christ or Yahweh or Allah or Krishna it all stemmed from human need to worship, the need to feel protected… to stifle the fear
Let’s hope at least at some point in their evolution human beings will be rational.......

There was no historical jesus, jesus did not exist.